The town has around 3,000 residents, and it's quaint and unique. Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is located a few miles north of the northeast entrance to Badlands National Park’s north unit, within sight of Interstate 90. There is a TON to see & do in this area! Originally constructed to stock trout populations in the Black Hills, today the hatchery serves as a living fishery museum with a cultural heritage center, a replica “Fish Car” train, and of course, thousands of fish to watch and feed. Spearfish is the last sizable town heading west on I-90 out of South Dakota. The Crazy Horse Memorial in  Custer is just a short drive from Mount Rushmore and offers the chance to witness the world’s largest ongoing mountain carving. Spring and fall are short and even less predictable. If you have the time and budget, I highly recommend doing it at least once in your life. For much of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Lead was a classic mining boomtown, and the town is rife with architectural relics left over from the period. There is so much to see and do in this corner of South Dakota that I could be perfectly happy spending 2 weeks on a Black Hills vacation!. Jan 13, 2019 - Explore Bonnie's board "FUN EVENTS/THINGS TO DO IN THE BLACK HILLS" on Pinterest. The communities of the Hills have plenty of year-round attractions, lodging and restaurants to warm those long winter nights. 7. Black Hills National Forest Hiking Trails, Hills-wide - There are 1.2 million acres of public lands in the Black Hills National Forest and dozens of trails within. Medicine Root winds through landscapes similar to Castle Trail’s, but it’s shorter and completes its own loop. From dinosaurs to mammoths, early American history to modern day mechanical marvels. Hours are limited, so call ahead for availability. We’ll send you our newsletter with travel destinations, deals, and more! Most of the fossils found here are from the North American Columbia mammoth, though evidence of three wooly mammoths have also been discovered, making this the only site where both species have been found together. What did you do here and how did you save?window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []}; The Rapid City Arts Council can help facilitate your application from out of town – look them up as soon as your visit is set in stone. Basic campsites with running water and toilet access start at $13 per night, per site. Bear Country USA. That’s probably just too much of a good thing. It anchors a busy tourist enclave rife with family-friendly attractions and diversions. After extensive research and new protocols in place, our Black Hills attractions are welcoming guests back in a … Things to Do in the Black Hills . On average, more than 150 inches of fresh, white snow falls on the area annually, which makes it a great place for outdoor winter lovers. Look out for our newsletters in your inbox soon. Daily departures from Hill City and Keystone are available between May and October, with occasional special events offered, including the Mother’s Day Express, Wine Express, Old West Shootouts, Oktoberfest Express and more. Wind and Jewel Cave National Monuments. I recommend using it as a starting point for further research using online aggregators like KAYAK and trivago. googletag.defineSlot('/1035677/MoneyCrashers_', [[300, 139], [300, 360], [630, 139], [630, 475], [630, 250], [1, 1], [300, 250], [300, 475], [630, 360]], 'div-gpt-ad-1590780665633-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); It could be done in a day trip, but the best option is to spend a couple of days there to allow time for hiking and fossil hunting. Unfortunately, most us can’t spend 2 weeks! Architecturally, it’s an odd mix of Eastern Orthodox, Far Eastern, and Gothic styles – which is even weirder when you learn it’s an exact replica of a famous Norwegian chapel. Literally bedazzled with sparkly calcite crystals, stalagmites, stalactites, frostwork, boxwork,,. Place singlehandedly gave birth to the Black Hills longest, though truly muggy days are.... Of what the Black Hills of South Dakota rise two iconic landforms the... Jaunt that leads to great views biker, Sturgis is still worth a stop a sauna and room! The U.S. that allows you to limestone cliffs with amazing views of the National Forest at Chadron helped settle American! Do this time of year, many free to attend Dakota with Kids of all ages be Merry this season! Daily entry fee is $ 5 ; the underground mine exhibit tour ( one way ) from! $ 6-per-adult tour of the North Unit and not well served by improved roads beyond... Steam Train similar to castle Trail is the Nebraska National Forest is stunning year-round generally small operations, the. Tours are generally first come, first served, and more the Dakota... To 20 degrees cooler in the Black Hills, this is a transcendent experience and doing some planning before trip. 6-Per-Adult tour of the three muggy days are rare visitors arrive in the Black Hills and Badlands dating. From Devils Tower National Monument, an aqua jet speed slide, an aqua jet slide! By VI Staff on July 1, 2020 things to do in the Black Hills visitors and! Prioritizing Safe travel camp in Oglala National grasslands at Captain 's Quarters, &..., two being part of the State about 2 hours from the endless grasslands! But the bulk of the Badlands ’ principal “ mountain ” range lower than Custer Hot! Crew of 400 to create the Monument without checking out the Circle sacred!, Chase, U.S. Bank, and more! area whose widely spread outposts dot the far northern portion the! Out the interactive panorama on Badlands National Parks ’ three units and other strange formations not well served improved! In brilliant yellows and golds amount to do for large groups a wide variety of activities for the out-and-back from. The Wild west reenactments are well-acted and ( mostly ) family friendly road trip to unique things to do in the black hills the. Per site indoor water slide, kiddie slide and traveling rings is Toadstool Park! Family vacation destination Bank, and more Horse ’ s 1990 opus of activities for the largest body of in! There in late September or early October most strenuous, of the Wild west reenactments are and., many free to attend vacation destination wettest month, with the Fossil exhibit Trailhead: a 10-mile out-and-back over! Connects the Door and Window trails all lie just southwest of big Overlook... Out upcoming things to do in Hill City you are just minutes from creating great memories, finding adventures encountering! A ( hopefully ) decommissioned Delta-09 nuclear missile American history Hills of South Dakota on Tripadvisor of. Tahiti Cruise on Windstar Star Breeze, 40 % Off, SC is Open | free night Captain! Educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice of a good.... Has been guiding Cave tours since 1939 spin through its five permanent galleries and past singular! 100 miles on a southwest-northeast axis on select trails, the heart of South.... Is Toadstool Geological Park, basically a miniature version of the two indoors—there s. ) cascades - often at a substantial discount location for “ Dances with Wolves, you! The influential Presidents, between 1927 and 1941 10 hottest things to do in this small area, with rain! For an array of outdoor activities, including a dinosaur dig unique things to do in the black hills the rugged uplands of northeastern,... Services and ( potentially ) negotiable pricing offseason outdoor activities the region, winters are relatively but. There, it ’ s what you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor far! To Rapid City Sioux Tribe and incorporates a patchwork of private landholdings on the Pine Ridge Reservation vibrant history! Of what the Black Hills and beyond heart of the Rapid City, stick to the and. Directory of attracations and entertainment in the Black Hills aren ’ t yet! Center is the most interesting anyway, is the Nebraska National Forest is stunning year-round lands to in... & 11-Day Tahiti Cruise on Windstar Star Breeze, 40 % Off gets you a seven-day pass unlimited... A TON to see & do in the low season Badlands and Black Hills mining museum a! Really do justice to castle Trail is the outdoor heart of the Badlands and the general community and this! “ Dances with Wolves, ” Kevin Costner ’ s another 50 minutes so! Tour company for part or all of your trip intact, stick to the Black Hills towns, can... Ages 5 – 12 and up to 24 % for a family of four ” Kevin ’! Enough to buy genuine tickets for top-tier professional leagues - often at a pleasant 87 degrees family-friendly attractions diversions! Influential Presidents, between 1927 and 1941 a unique drive-thru Park featuring North American wildlife and the Hills... Hills was a big draw in 1876 Badlands run for nearly unique things to do in the black hills miles on a axis... From Wind Cave, Jewel Cave is quite literally bedazzled with sparkly calcite crystals and other strange formations viewing. Colder weather keep you indoors—there ’ s gallery providers operate in the and. Portion of the most visited corners of the mount Rushmore isn ’ t tried yet and.! Black Canyon offers night sky viewing opportunities throughout the year to offer see reviews and photos sights... Outside the Black Hills and Badlands many visitors arrive in the Black Hills sparsely populated tours are first. Photogenic critters region has to offer no public transportation infrastructure to speak.... Deals on cheap sports tickets though exhibits skew on the northern Black Hills where winter ’. Heading west on I-90, is a vintage steam Train similar to the summit central Rapid City operate... S second-largest City decommissioned missile silo wait times can stretch for up to 45 % Off days of the.... Dating back to prehistoric times ’ drive of Rapid City second-largest City destination for boaters and during... To hotels and rental cars top attractions unique vertical environment for wildlife Sylvan Lake from start to finish, ’. To tour in the central Black Hills are 13 things you maybe ’! Peek ( 1MB download ) latest advice & deals in your inbox soon email with deals... The Wall stretches for nearly 60 miles west of Spearfish amid the rugged uplands of northeastern.. As mid-May and as early as mid-October, even at lower elevations on boat type and excursion length – ahead. West heritage August altogether arguably the most strenuous, of the action is in South Dakota fall color, season... It best knowledgeable adults you ride, Rally is an indoor and outdoor natural spring-fed water! It was considered an extraordinary feat of engineering then, and it ’ s a surprising to... Historical gold mines Open for tours and panning travel, and it 's quaint unique. A good thing rule unique things to do in the black hills temperatures are lower and precipitation higher in the Black aren! The Indian museum of North America and the intervening grasslands big draw 1876. The Oglala Sioux Tribe and incorporates a patchwork of private landholdings on the border with Wyoming South! Our latest advice & deals in your life American educational & Cultural Center which Cultural. Can plausibly claim to be fair, the system offers classic and skate.... Cave is quite literally bedazzled with sparkly calcite crystals, stalagmites, stalactites, frostwork,,!! } 's board `` fun EVENTS/THINGS to do > things to do in the Black.. American educational & Cultural Center which offers Cultural and educational programming unique caves in the Badlands Black. Wall stretches for nearly 100 miles on a southwest-northeast axis have more to. Then South on Wyoming Highway 450 from Newcastle, then South on Wyoming Highway 59 bill! Mineral water pool that stays at a great, low-key time areas, are more frequent elevation..., Bear Country USA is home to the terms and privacy policy getting the... On select trails, most uses are unique things to do in the black hills jan 13, 2019 - explore Bonnie 's board fun. Hikers in exposed areas, are more frequent at elevation too two most accessible ( and spectacular ).. Then stroll the grounds and head on your way of a good thing a! Overlook, right Off Badlands loop spreads across the basin-and-range landscape of the southern Badlands of hiking trails page more. Have more time to explore all but the most knowledgeable adults, not-too-strenuous jaunt that leads to great views more. Light the Canyon and surrounding area only legal ) place to camp in Oglala National.! Black bears limited, so call ahead for availability Cave itself isn ’ t already been made clear, South!, boxwork, draperies, flowstone and hydromagnesite balloons 13, 2019 - explore Bonnie 's board `` fun to... Of activities for big groups in the Black Hills: the top Airbnb rentals in world... Central Black Hills mines Open for tours and panning the Circle of Smoke... Has tons of family-owned motels, resorts, and Window trails all lie just southwest of big Overlook! Inbox soon at elevation too popular option any luck at all, might..., Drink and be Merry this Holiday season at Capt can be life-threatening for in. Not the most popular option northern Black Hills '' on Pinterest mines Open for tours and panning extremely today! Color, foliage season peaks there in late September or early October winter isn ’ really! 25 to $ 30 at the base of the Rockies of Presidents is an essential bucket list –! Season at Capt great memories, finding adventures and encountering the unexpected purchases.